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Teacher Resources

"Cream of the Crop" Teacher Planning Sites
If you would like to suggest a "Cream of the Crop" teacher site or an instructional activity of your own to add to this page, please e-mail Mrs. Sabol.
Common Core
CDE's links to resources, field test questions, and practice tests.
Free resources and CCSS-aligned lesson plans that you can use tomorrow.
An excellent free open education service that provides curricula and lessons that are peer reviewed for quality and adherence to standards. Honored as a 2013 Top Rated Non-Profit by GreatNonProfits.
Free lessons arranged by CCSS.
Interactive community for teachers with searchable CCSS materials and lessons.
Resources from Engage New York
Resources from Engage New York.

Additional Standards
General Educational Resources/Online Lesson Planning
Easily create web-based activities with hotlists, webquests, or treasure hunts, or you may search and use projects shared by others.
This online professional resource provides standards-based model lessons for all grade levels.
The educator's guide to high quality instructional technology resources that support California's curriculum frameworks and standards. An excellent source with links to other resources.
Excellent free Internet curriculum.
Resources for teachers, including lesson plans, professional development, technology, and school issues.
Electronic quizzes with automatic answer checking so that students receive immediate feedback. Includes information and quizzes on idioms.
The Federal Resource for Educational Excellence offers high quality learning resources. Searchable by CCSS.
The Gateway to Educational Materials offers more than 40,000 lessons and instructional resources from more than 400 organizations.
The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory offers a sampling of interactive learning projects organized in three main educational levels.
Hotmath has tutorial solutions and answers for math problems found in prealgebra, algebra, precalculus, calculus and geometry textbooks. Great to use for its tutorials, but also easily abused by students who disregard the tutorials, go straight to the answer, and use that for their homework!
Incredible Art Department
Provides middle school art lesson plans.
Site at which librarians have located, evaluated, and organized quality Internet information which they feel is of particular value. Includes reference, exhibits, periodicals, newspapers, and texts. Also contains areas designed for teens and youth.
Great for primary source documents.
Quality teaching materials for novels commonly taught in middle and high school.
A database of read-to-use rubrics as well as the tools to customize your own.
Links to over 5,000 websites aligned to California H/SS standards.
Very comprehensive listing of links for teachers.
Random House Children's Books supplies teacher's guides for specific books as well as additional literature-based resources.
A daily high-interest news site appropriate for 'tweens. Includes lesson ideas and daily quizzes for Common Core standards in critical thinking and close reading. After free teacher registration, each student receives his/her own login and can post teacher-moderated comments. Encourages informational reading, response, writing, and comprehension.

Cole Lesson Sharing
The following activity ideas and teaching strategies are suggested by Cole Middle School faculty. If you would like to share a successful activity or strategy, please e-mail the lesson as a Word document to

Professional Development/Online Educational Journals
ERIC is an extensive clearinghouse of educational information. Of special note are the research and lesson plan databases. The lesson plan database alone contains over 1,000 ready-to-use lesson plans.
A WebQuest is an Internet-based inquiry-oriented activity. Bernie Dodge, an early pioneer of the WebQuest concept, provides in this site an extensive list of ready-to-use WebQuests, categorized by grade level and content. Dodge also teaches us how to write our own WebQuests.


Collaborative Projects


What is collaboration and why should we use it?