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Parent Resources


Internet Resources

A searchable database of literature recommended for students in kindergarten through grade twelve.

Bilingual (Spanish/English) site that offers information, activities and advice for helping children become successful readers.
Resources for parents and fun educational games for kids.

The National Education Association offers resources to help your child achieve and succeed.

Extensive and fun information on the education of gifted children.

Excellent site dealing with learning disabilities. Contains areas designed for parents, children, and teachers. Sponsored by WETA, Public Broadcasting for Greater Washington.
A variety of parenting information, including a college calculator and product recalls.
Resources to assist teens contemplating running away and the adults who care about them.
Introductory information from the U.S. Department of Education.
Resources for raising a reader.
A wealth of information maintained by Dandra Steingart, Ph.D. of the Baltimore County Public Schools.

Drawn from California's recommended literature lists for students in kindergarten through grade twelve, the reading lists on this site have been specifically tailored to match the achievement level of each student who participated in the statewide assessment program during the previous spring.

Resources for the parents of students with speech and communication difficulties.
Sponsored by the American Psychological Association

Resources for parents of infants and toddlers

Cole Library Resources for Parents
If you wish to borrow any of the library's resources, you may stop by personally or send an e-mail and the resource will be given to your child to transport home to you.

Galbraith, Judy and Jim Delisle. The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 1996. (PAR 305.9 GAL)

Lewis. Barbara A. The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects: 500 Service Ideas. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 1995. (PAR 361.37 LEW)

Lewis, Barbara A. What Do You Stand For?: A Kid’s Guide to Building Character. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 1998. (PAR 170.83 LEW)

Galbraith, Judy. You Know Your Child is Gifted When. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 2000. (PAR 649.15 GAL)

Potter, J.W. and Shirl and George J. Koss. Death of a Pet. Stamford, NY: Guideline Publications, 1991.

Sarka, Patricia. What To Do When Your Child Hates To Read! Santa Monica, CA: Lee Canter Associates, 1994.

Sarka, Patricia. What To Do When Your Child Won’t Behave. Santa Monica, CA: Lee Canter Associates, 1994.

Schwab Foundation for Learning. Bridges to Reading: What to DO When You Suspect Your Child Has a Reading Problem. California: Schwab Foundation for Learning, 1999. (PAR 371.91 SCH)

Shank, Maria and Bob Winberry. Help! It’s Homework Time. Santa Monica, CA: Lee Canter Associates, 1993.

Stillman, Peter. Answers to a Child’s Questions About Death. Stamford, NY: Guideline Publications, 1990.

Walker, Sally Yahnke. The Survival Guide for Parents of Gifted Kids. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, 1991.

The following Cole Library books are written for students, but are great to read and discuss together:

Anthony, Steve. 101 Ways to Speak in Front of Your Whole Class. U.S.A.: Troll Communications, 1998.

Bieniek, Denise. 101 Ways to Read with Speed and Understanding. U.S.A.: Troll Communications, 1996.

Bradford, Karleen. Write Now! The Right Way to Write a Story. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1988.

Colligan, Louise. Help! I Have to Give a Speech. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1989.

Colligan, Louise. Help! I Have to Study. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1987.

Colligan, Louise. Help! I Have to Take a Test. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1990.

Colligan, Louise. Scholastic’s A+ Guide to Book Reports. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1982.

Colman, Penny. 101 Ways to Do Better in School. U.S.A.: Troll Associates, 1994.

Otfinoski, Steve. Putting It in Writing: Friendly Letters, Business Letters, Complaints and Requests, School Reports, Thank-yous, Essays. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1993.

Rubins, Diane Teitel. Scholastic’s A+ Guide to Good Writing. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1980.

Ryan, Elizabeth. How to Write Better Book Reports. U.S.A.: Troll Associates, 1992.

Young, Sue. Writing With Style: Planning, Producing, Polishing, Presenting. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1997.

Ask the Library Media Teacher

If you have a question about library resources, the library program, or helping your child with reading, e-mail Mrs. Sabol at  E-mails are usually returned within 24 hours.