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Internet Use

Using the Internet
Students will utilize the Internet in a supervised manner at school as part of their standards-based curriculum. Gifford C. Cole Middle School utilizes advanced content filtering software as required by the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in order to greatly reduce the probability of viewing online content that is offensive in nature. Students must adhere to the policies and procedures set forth in the Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Don't Be Fooled!
Evaluating Internet Sources:  The 5 W's of Website Evaluation
Who wrote the pages and sponsored the site?
Good research web sites show that an expert in the field is responsible for the content.
What is the content of this site?
What print sources can be found to verify the information?
Good research web sites cover their topics in depth and can be verified through print sources.
Where did the author get his/her information?
Good research web sites cite research sources for factual information and are free from grammatical and spelling errors.
When was the site created?
When was the site last updated?
Good research web sites have been on the web for a long time and are updated frequently.
Why did the author write this site?
Good research web sites present information with as little bias and advertising as possible.