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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader
Cole Middle School currently has approximately 120,000 AR quizzes.
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About Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a successful reading program that incorporates both reading skills instruction and accountable independent reading practice. Accelerated Reader is a software-based program that helps motivate students to read while adding an element of accountability. It is not a reading curriculum, but rather a way to encourage and track a student's independent reading practice. There are several steps involved in participating in the program:
The student takes the STAR test. This is an electronic (computer) test that takes about 10 minutes.
Questions continually adjust to each student’s response pattern. The test results determine the level at which the student reads and gives the book level range which provides optimal reading challenge without frustration. This level is referred to as the student's ZPD, or Zone of Proximal Development. Reading books within this level has a greater likelihood of improving reading comprehension. The reading teacher uses data from the STAR test to set appropriate reading goals for each student.
Read a Book
The student chooses and reads a book that has a readability level that lies within the student's ZPD. It is motivating to students to be permitted choice in their reading selections rather than have their teacher assign selections. Students benefit from selecting books they will enjoy.
Take a Quiz
Shortly after completing the book, the student takes an electronic (computer) Accelerated Reader quiz that assessess how well the student comprehended the reading selection. The AR software awards the student points based on comprehension level, keeps track of how many words the student has read (the average successful middle school student reads about one million words per year), and gives the teacher valuable diagnostic information that helps him/her address the student's reading instruction needs.
STAR Retest
When the student meets his/her reading goals and begins to consistently score above 90% on his/her quizzes, it is time to retake the STAR test to get a new ZPD.